Components and subassemblies production

Rheinmetall Canada’s production department supports the business lines and is responsible for the production, assembly, and test of a broad range of components and subassemblies used in systems and products intended for the defence and homeland security markets. Several companies within the Rheinmetall Group have also benefited from this capability and have increased the production and quality of their products.

Industrial and technological benefits management

Rheinmetall Canada has a proven capability in managing benefits under the former policy for Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRBs) and now under the new policy for Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITBs).

Our experience in benefits management started in 1986 with the Canadian Forces Low-Level Air Defence contract, which saw the company manage offsets during the course of the contract for more than 650 million dollars. In 2009, the company won the contract for the MASS - Multi Ammunition Softkill System – the first successful sale of a Rheinmetall Defence naval system to the Royal Canadian Navy – due in part to the company’s program management skills, large network of Canadian suppliers, and proven IRB management expertise.

To date, Rheinmetall Canada’s team has achieved over one billion dollars in obligations and, in the course, provided work to Canadian companies of all sizes.

24 May 2016: Rheinmetall Canada achieved over one billion dollars in industrial and technological benefits transactions

In-service support

To meet customer demands for efficient and cost-effective life cycle support, Rheinmetall Canada offers a complete range of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and product support services. Our ILS capabilities have been perfected from over two decades of experience on military and commercial programs.

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