25/05/2012: Rheinmetall Canada delivers first Leopard 2 tanks to Canadian Army

Today Rheinmetall Canada marks the delivery of the first six Leopard 2 main battle tanks to the Canadian Army. Under a C$36M contract, Rheinmetall Canada is the prime contractor and technical authority for this repair and overhaul contract of 42 Leopard 2 tanks.

Following substantial investment by Rheinmetall to improve Rheinmetall Canada’s infrastructure, work on the Leopard 2 tanks is proceeding well, and the company is proud to acknowledge this important milestone.

Mechanized forces consisting of main battle tanks continue to be an essential element of modern high-mobility warfare. Canada is a longstanding member of the world’s far-flung family of Leopard user nations having also operated the previous generation Leopard 1. The Canadian Forces deployed the battle-tested Leopard 2 with great success in Afghanistan, where intensive use of the system far exceeded the original requirements profile.

The name Rheinmetall is closely associated with the Leopard 2: out of a total of 2125 Leopard 2 tanks for the German Army, Rheinmetall completely built 977 in Kiel on behalf of the German and Dutch armed forces.

Rheinmetall Canada has emerged as the prime point of contact for the Leopard 2 family in the Canadian market. The company is able to offer full in-service support throughout the system’s entire lifecycle, making sure users can obtain everything they need from a single source. Moreover, combat performance upgrades can also be planned and implemented by a trusted Canadian company.

These contracts bring Rheinmetall closer to its goal of becoming Canada’s Leopard 2 Centre of Excellence.

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