27 May 2015
Rheinmetall SolarShield – Cover and camouflage for operations in hot climate zones

Today’s military operations require a comprehensive protection and camouflage concept for troops and equipment even in hot climate zones. At CANSEC 2015 Rheinmetall is displaying SolarShield, an innovative and versatile material for camouflage and heat protection.

SolarShield is a 3D polymer fiberglass composite material that provides solar heat reduction and camouflage for all types of vehicles, containers, guns, cannons, water tanks, shelters, and more. This specially designed material reduces solar heating for an improved environment for personnel, vehicle systems, stored ammunition, and material. In addition, SolarShield provides camouflage, reduces near infrared signature, and reduces radar signature.

SolarShield is made of polyaramid, aluminum, fiberglass and nylon, and polyvinylchloride. The 3D material has a highly solar absorbing outer layer combined with an open mesh textile that enables air convection underneath. An artificial shadow is created that blocks most of the incoming solar energy and reduces transmission to the inside layer while enabling convective air cooling to evacuate the heat generated by the vehicle. Solar heating is greatly reduced and subsequently the vehicle’s infrared signature.

SolarShield has been deployed with the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan.

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