25 May 2016
Rheinmetall at CANSEC 2016

An innovative, multifaceted, proven partner of the
Canadian armed forces

At the Canadian defence show CANSEC 2016 in Ottawa from 25 to 26 May, Rheinmetall will once again be presenting a wide array of defence technology systems and products.

Rheinmetall Canada will of course be playing a particularly prominent role here. The company, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, has emerged as the partner of choice for the Canadian Forces thanks to its core competencies: system integration, software development and communication solutions. Just recently, Rheinmetall successfully completed delivery of twelve modernized Leopard 2 armoured recovery vehicles, specially modified to meet Canadian requirements. In the process, Rheinmetall demonstrated once again its special expertise in this weapons system family, which not only encompasses technical overhauls and logistical support, but also state-of-the-art ballistic and driving simulation technology, e.g. the Leopard Gunnery Skill Trainer.

At this year’s CANSEC, Rheinmetall will again be emphasising its competence in the maritime realm. The Group – a globe-spanning high-tech enterprise dedicated to security and mobility – not only supplies a wide variety of sensors and effectors for naval applications, but is also highly adept at networking them with components and systems produced by other contractors, transforming them into highly effective command and weapon engagement systems. This makes Rheinmetall an ideal partner for shipyard operators and equipment suppliers. At CANSEC 2016, for example, Rheinmetall will be displaying a model of its Multi Ammunition Softkill System (MASS), now installed on Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) Halifax-class frigates. On the sensor side, the Group is spotlighting the MSP 600 multi-senor platform as well as the Fast Infrared Search and Track Surveillance and Alerting System, “FIRST”. The enhanced range Umkhonto air defence missile will also be on show. Furthermore, visitors to the Rheinmetall stand will be able to inspect the Rapid Access modular fireproofing system, made by CBG. Rheinmetall Canada serves as the distribution partner for this tried-and-tested technology.

Rheinmetall remains the world’s foremost supplier of state-of-the-art simulation technology. The Düsseldorf, Germany-based Group is thus able to develop and fabricate highly realistic maritime simulations for all classes of vessel and training requirements of every type. A well-known example in Canada is the Marine Engineering Operator Simulator (MESO) for the RCN Reserve’s Kingston-class coastal defence ships.

In cooperation with its partner IAI/Elta, Rheinmetall will be displaying a life-size model of the MF-STAR radar at its outside site. The two partners have put forward this system in their bid for the Royal Canadian Navy’s surface combatant programme. MF-STAR is based on the same radar technology as the Canadian Army’s MRR medium-range radar, another project in which Elta and Rheinmetall are cooperating successfully.

Moreover, the Group is also showcasing its expertise in a number of other areas, including its role as a leading maker of soldier systems. Serving as examples of Rheinmetall’s ability to produce systems precisely calibrated to customer requirements are the German Bundeswehr’s Future Soldier – Expanded System (Gladius) and the Canadian Integrated Soldier System. On show at CANSEC is Rheinmetall’s Argus System, the system chosen by Canada for the Army’s Integrated Soldier System project; it is currently in the qualification phase.

Another example of the Group’s “system house” approach is the Integrated Surveillance System, a system based on Rheinmetall’s unique Sensor Command & Control software as the back-bone. The software is designed to work with any type of sensor and any type of vector. A balloon-supported version of the Surveillance System was not only in service with the Canadian military in Afghanistan, it also served as a key element in protecting the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games or the G20 summit in Toronto. Rheinmetall is able to offer turnkey solutions for monitoring critical military and civilian infrastructure as well as port and border security – including support in planning, installation and operation, backed up by round-the-clock after sales service support.

Also on show will be examples of Rheinmetall’s wide-ranging activities in the weapon and munitions domain, including its 40mm airburst technology. SolarShield, a cover and camouflage system for operations in hot climates, rounds out the array of innovative Rheinmetall products on display at CANSEC.

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