25 May 2016
Rheinmetall completes delivery of twelve Leopard 2 ARV CAN-type armoured recovery vehicles to the Canadian Forces

Rheinmetall has successfully completed delivery of twelve armoured recovery vehicles to the Canadian Forces. These tracked vehicles, officially dubbed the Leopard 2 Armoured Recovery Vehicle Canada, or ARV CAN, are based on the chassis of the battle-tested main battle tank. Besides recovering tanks, the Leopard 2 ARV CAN can conduct a wide array of maintenance tasks and, thanks to its winch and bulldozer blade, provide robust combat engineer support in the area of operations.

On behalf of the Canadian Forces, Rheinmetall has significantly improved the armoured recovery vehicle, modifying it to enable integration of certain subsystems and multifaceted modular force protection features. Developed and manufactured by Rheinmetall, these force protection elements include add-on armour and SLAT armour as well as comprehensive protection from landmines and IEDs. All of this enables the ARV crew to operate effectively even in high-threat environments.

Rheinmetall won the order in 2011 in an international tendering process. Along with the delivery of twelve Leopard 2 ARV CAN armoured recovery vehicles, the contract encompasses logistical and training support. It consisted of two phases: the first covered design, manufacture, integration and testing of the first two vehicles in Germany. The vehicles then underwent intensive testing by the Canadian Forces, culminating in December 2013 in prototype approval and the output configuration.

The stipulation to include the Canadian defence industry in the supply chain and production process led the Rheinmetall Group to furnish its subsidiary Rheinmetall Canada (located near Montreal) with two production and assembly lines for producing the remaining ten armoured recovery vehicles.

The shift to Canada involved an intensive transfer of know-how, production of the complete armoured recovery vehicle as well as testing and customer support. This transfer will help to ensure that the Canadian Forces are able to operate their fleet of ARVs with national capabilities. Furthermore, it will bring long-term benefits to the Canadian defence sector.

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