25 May 2016
Rheinmetall SolarΣShield

Solar heat load reduction and mobile camouflage for operations in temperate and hot climate zones

Modern military operations require a comprehensive protection and camouflage product for troops and equipment, especially in hot climate zones. At CANSEC 2016, Rheinmetall is displaying SolarΣShield, pronounced solarsigmashield for Signature Management. The most recent addition to the product line, SolarΣShield is a simple and affordable solution for solar heat load reduction and multispectral signature management.

Designed and tested by Defence Research and Development Canada, battlefield proven by the Canadian armed forces and further developed by Rheinmetall Canada, SolarΣShield is a patented fabric that provides significant solar heat reduction by creating a natural air convection and artificial shadow. Its layered fabric composition allows multispectral signature management against infrared, visual, radar, and ultraviolet detection. It can be customized and tailored to fit all types of vehicles, containers, guns, cannons, water tanks, shelters and more.

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