15 September 2017

Rheinmetall Canada teams participate in the
Leucan’s Mighty Challenge

Organised by Leucan*, the association for children with cancer, the Mighty Challenge will take place on Sunday September 17, 2017 at the installations of Pascan Aviation in St‐Hubert, Quebec. Rheinmetall Canada’s employees’ charity fund will send two teams to the friendly challenge.

In the spirit of a healthy competition, each team of 10 persons will have to walk on a defined distance while pulling three different weights one after the other as fast as possible. For this 2017 edition, some of the weights will include, among others, a cement‐mixer truck, a tactical armoured patrol vehicle from the Canadian Army, and a firefighter truck. To make sure everyone has a chance, teams can enter the friendly or the competitive challenge. A final lap will be organized by category and medals will be distributed to the three winning teams.

To participate in the event, each team had to raise a minimum of 1000 dollars in donations to demonstrate their solidarity and support cancer‐stricken children and their families. Rheinmetall Canada’s teams have so far raised more than 5000 dollars for Leucan, thanks to the generosity of Fralex Express Inc. and of Rheinmetall Canada’s management and employees, and of all their supporters.

Rheinmetall Canada’s employees’ charity fund wishes to thank the Department of National Defence, which lends the vehicle to Leucan, and Fralex Express Inc., which will generously transport the vehicle free of charge to and from the site of the event.

* Leucan promotes the recovery and the well‐being of cancer‐stricken children and supports their families by providing distinctive and tailored services and assistance through every stage of cancer and its side‐effects.

Team practicing with a TAPV

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