11 June 2018

Rheinmetall unveils the Argus New Generation soldier system at Eurosatory 2018

Rheinmetall is once again highlighting the Group’s role as a leading supplier of soldier systems at Eurosatory 2018. The Argus New Generation (NG) soldier system is debuting this year in Paris.

Maintaining at heart the recognised values of Argus

Building on Argus’ years of experience, Rheinmetall is bringing to Eurosatory its most recent release called Argus NG.

  • Engineered by soldiers for soldiers, with usability in mind.
  • A modular soldier system that can be precisely tailored to meet the needs of the military, while reducing the physical and cognitive burdens that are all too common in modern combat.
  • Focuses squarely on the soldier and not on the hardware.
  • Designed to enable soldiers to operate in the most challenging operational theatres by delivering constantly updated situational awareness.
  • Fits any battlefield architecture and provides a seamless, reliable flow of information between all levels of command.

Argus NG revolves exclusively around the needs of military forces by utilising a highly intuitive user interface with fully integrated and balanced equipment. It is no coincidence that Argus has been selected by the Canadian Armed Forces for the Integrated Soldier System (ISS) project.

A next generation even more open and flexible

As a multiplatform system, the new generation of the Rheinmetall Argus soldier system is compatible with Android, Windows and Linux operating systems making it more flexible than ever. By closely following the standardization trends of the defence industry, Rheinmetall has developed a soldier system that delivers out-of-the-box integration with a large selection of devices. In fact, Argus NG is designed to work with both legacy and future generic soldier architecture, including the next generation of man-worn power and data hubs.

Thomas Turner, Broadsword Campaign Lead from BAE Systems, confirms the integration prototype with their wearable technology: "From its inception, Broadsword Spine was designed to be an open architecture hub, without an embedded host, to allow for easy, secure, and flexible integration with any soldier system, including Rheinmetall’s Argus NG which has its own host device."

The high interoperability of Argus NG creates major advantages for the modern military market, including an increase in operational tempo, maximisation of military efficiency, and better use of existing capabilities and investment.

"Our UltraLYNX Smart hub offers an open, lightweight, scalable power and data architecture," says Richard Waldrom of Ultra Electronics. "When integrated with the Argus NG soldier system, it would provide users with the very latest in smart, adaptable, scalable technology partnered with world-class situational awareness."

Tested. Proven. Ready.

"Rheinmetall works very closely with partners worldwide to deliver the right combination of devices to fit operational and technical requirements precisely" says Stéphane Oehrli, President and CEO Rheinmetall Canada. "By combining Argus NG with third-party hardware and software, the system offers endless possibilities."

Visit the Rheinmetall pavilion at Eurosatory to learn more about Argus NG and its unparalleled advantages.

Rheinmetall – a leading supplier of soldier systems

Rheinmetall possesses comprehensive expertise in the world of soldier systems. Besides Argus, the Group’s "Future Soldier – Expanded System", or IdZ-ES – already in service with the German Army – offers a prominent example. The new soldier system Gladius 2.0, which debuted at last year’s DSEI, is also on show at Eurosatory 2018.

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