29/08/2011: LANCE turret system on Piranha for CCV

General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada announced that it will offer the PIRANHA 5 vehicle fitted with Rheinmetall’s LANCE 30mm modular turret system for the Government of Canada’s Close Combat Vehicle (CCV) Program. The goal of the CCV program is to deliver a well-protected armoured vehicle with very high tactical mobility, able to deliver an infantry section in close combat, while operating in intimate support of main battle tanks.

General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada has assembled a powerful Canadian team for this program. General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada will be the prime contractor for the CCV program and will manufacture and assemble the PIRANHA 5 chassis at its facility in London, Ontario. Rheinmetall’s LANCE 30mm turret technology will be transferred to our Rheinmetall Canada facility in Saint-Jean-sur Richelieu, Quebec, for full turret production. Armatec Survivability Canada of Dorchester, Ontario, will augment the PIRANHA 5’s inherent protection with a survivability suite of advanced composite materials and the latest technology in energy-absorbing troop and crew seating, all designed and tested to meet rigorous blast, IED and kinetic-energy threats. The remainder of the team will be drawn from a supplier base of over 400 Canadian companies. This combined production effort offers a world-class vehicle built in Canada, by Canadians, to protect Canadians.

The PIRANHA 5 CCV is the latest evolution of the proven PIRANHA family of wheeled combat vehicles, incorporating the newest lethality, mobility, protection and communications technologies. It provides the best of both worlds, combining track-like performance with the strategic mobility of a wheeled platform. Advanced suspension technology allows the PIRANHA 5 CCV to go anywhere a medium-weight tracked vehicle can go with significantly lower fuel, maintenance and lifecycle costs.

As primary weapon the PIRANHA 5 will be offered with Rheinmetall's LANCE 30mm modular turret system with a MK30-2 cannon, equipped with a stabilized electro-optical system with 3rd generation thermal imaging, high-resolution day sight and eye-safe laser rangefinder. Featuring 360° armour protection, the medium-calibre LANCE modular turret system is based on a new concept and can be deployed in a wide variety of combat and security roles. Its systematic modularity enables maximum variability, combining excellent survivability with a ready upgrade capability. The innovative optronic modules ensure high-precision fire control.

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