Air defence

Rheinmetall Canada is an active contributor to the Rheinmetall Group's air defence product portfolio. The company has a proven capability to design and develop air defence battle management systems that fully integrate weapons, sensors, communications systems, and battle management software to provide a cohesive and layered ystem. The Canadian Army, Royal Netherlands Army, Finnish Defence Forces, and Hellenic Army and Air Force all employ systems developed by Rheinmetall Canada for their specific air defence requirements.

In cooperation with the Rheinmetall Electronic Solution division in Zurich, we provide the following competencies in:

  • System/software design and integration.
  • Radio communication systems design and integration:
    • VHF and UHF radios for voice and data.
    • Tactical military Internet.
  • Situation awareness:
    • Multi-sensor integration.
    • Tactical data links (Link 11B, Link 16, LLAPI).
  • Real-time engagement management:
    • Threat evaluation and weapons allocation / fire control.
  • Mission planning software:
    • Sensors, weapons, and radio coverage.

AMADS – Advanced man-portable air defence system

The AMADS offers a highly innovative, cost-effective solution to enhance performance of Man Portable Air Defence (MANPAD). The AMADS comprises the command post Battle Management Software (BMS) and MANPAD cueing system.

The BMS allows the commander to forward
real-time situation awareness data and control orders (fire, airspace, weapon) to MANPAD teams.

The MANPAD cueing system is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, cue-to-target aid for operators.

  • BMS includes a mission planning tool to optimize MANPAD placements and weapon assignments.
  • BMS receives and processes data from a wide range of radars and sensors.
  • BMS links MANPAD teams to become part of an integrated air defence solution.
  • BMS allows total radar and radio silent operation of the MANPAD teams.
  • MANPAD cueing system receives, processes, and displays control orders information.
  • MANPAD cueing system provides visual target cues to guide the MANPAD operator to the designated target.

MMR – Multi-mission radar

In collaboration with IAI Elta, Rheinmetall Canada is proposing the MMR radar, the solution preferred by the Canadian Armed Forces for their medium range radar project. The ELM-2084 MMR is a force multiplier featuring and combining the most advanced technical capabilities to provide a high performance system with excellent reliability and availability. The ELM-2084 MMR is designed to perform these missions, separately or simultaneously:

  • Hostile weapon locating – cannons, mortars, and rockets.
  • Artillery ranging mission – friendly fire ranging.
  • Air surveillance mission.
  • Counter RAM mission when integrated with a weapon system.

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