Electronic systems

The capability to design and develop electronic systems and related software for various defence and commercial systems is a company success story. Rheinmetall Canada’s electronic systems are used in domains such as C-IED, soldier systems, battle management, training and simulation, and homeland security to name a few. Canada, the United States, the Netherlands, and severall other allies benefit from the company’s innovative and unique solutions for mission-critical defence or homeland security needs.

Rheinmetall Canada competencies in electronic systems include:

  • System analysis, design, integration, test, and qualification.
  • Subsystems integration and qualification.
  • BMC4I software design and integration:
    • Sensor/video integration and processing.
  • Electronics design:
    • Single board computers.
    • Customized interfacing.
  • Command and control software design and integration.

C-IED solutions

Rheinmetall Canada is an important supplier of Counter Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IED) solutions to the Canadian Forces. Partnered with international experts in the areas of surveillance and demining, we are supplying the Canadian Army with C-IED solutions to protect our soldiers in their overseas missions.

Mine clearing

The Remotely Operated Mechanical Explosive Clearance System (ROMECS) is a tracked, medium flail mine clearance system that is suitable for antipersonnel and antitank mines. The ROMECS is primarily intended to provide an enhanced explosive clearance capability across the spectrum of deployed operations.

Simulation and training solutions

The Rheinmetall Defence group's expertise in the field of military simulation technology encompasses virtually every training task relating to weapons and command and control systems.

MESO trainer

For the Canadian Navy, Rheinmetall Canada is supplying the Marine Engineering System Operator (MESO) trainer for the KINGSTON Class of maritime coastal defence vessels. The MESO trainer significantly enhances the Navy’s ability to train engineering personnel, which is a critical factor in vessel operational availability.

ADOS - Air Defence Operations Simulator

The Air Defence Operations Simulator (ADOS) is a simulation and training system developed by Rheinmetall Canada using COTS simulation tools. The ADOS provides the Royal Netherlands Army’s Advanced Ground Based Air Defence System (AGBADS) operators with a classroom-type training system and an air defence operations research tool.

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