Vehicle systems

Engineering and integrating custom-designed systems for military vehicle projects are a specialty of Rheinmetall Canada. Over the last two decades, the company has acquired broad expertise in vehicle integration commencing with the assembly, integration, and test of the highly sophisticated ADATS missile system. This provided the company with a unique knowledge in the integration of missile, radar, and electro-optic systems, as well as mechanical, electrical, and communication technologies into armoured vehicles. Over the years, we have strengthened these integration skills and combined them with advanced services for refurbishment, repair and overhaul, and long-term support to supply our customers with a complete vehicle management capability.

HX – High mobility truck system

In operations both at home and abroad, Armed forces depend on a high level of mobility and on reliable logistics. The latest generation of HX trucks from Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) offers robustness, versatility, and reliability, which are the most important performance criteria when operating in challenging conditions. HX trucks have already been procured by Australia, UK, New-Zealand, Denmark, and Sweden. Click here for more details about the HX family on .

Leopard 2 A4 repair and overhaul

Rheinmetall Canada is the prime contractor and technical authority for the repair and overhaul of the Leopard 2 A4 training tanks for Canada. The company is responsible for system maintenance, engineering change proposals, testing of the turrets and chassis, and work on critical components. It also provides technical publications, logistic support, and life cycle support from its facilities in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

TAPV – Tactical armoured patrol vehicle

Textron Systems Canada and Rheinmetall Canada provide a 4x4 wheeled armoured vehicle specifically engineered to meet the Canadian Forces’ requirements for survivability, protection, power, mobility and versatility for a broad spectrum of operations in the world’s most challenging environments.The modern design includes a new protection package designed to shield troops from roadside bombs.

Rheinmetall Canada performs multiple integration functions and final vehicle assembly to include the Kongsberg remote weapon station and government furnished equipment. The company will also play a large role in the program’s long-term system support.

SolarΣshield –
Heat load reduction and signature management

The SolarΣshield – pronounced solar sigma shield – is a simple and affordable solution for solar heat load reduction and multispectral signature management. It can be designed for and installed on any system operating in harsh climate, from vehicles, weapon systems, tanks, and reservoirs to control centres, shelters, and electronic systems.

SolarΣshield is a patented, battlefield-proven fabric that allows a significant solar heat load reduction by natural air convection and artificial shadow. It also allows multispectral signature management against infrared, visual, radar and ultraviolet detection. SolarΣshield is customized and tailored specifically to fit each system and operational requirement.

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