27 mai 2015
Rheinmetall – The leading supplier of soldier systems

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Pedites pugnas decernent: Infantry decides the battle!

Experience gained and lessons learned in recent conflicts underscore once again the importance of having well-trained, well-equipped, highly flexible, highly mobile infantry forces that are capable of operating in joint and combined scenarios and putting “boots on the ground” where they are needed most, ultimately achieving the desired military outcome.

At CANSEC 2015 Rheinmetall is emphasizing the Group’s status as a leading supplier of soldier systems, along with its unsurpassed ability to integrate dismounted troops into networked-enabled operations.

From individual components to integrated systems based on operational requirements and doctrines, Rheinmetall offers flexible and scalable technology, a wide variety of command and control and display solutions, different levels of integration as well as variable vehicle integration, including Rheinmetall or third-party hardware and software.

Rheinmetall Defence has longstanding experience and expertise in networked-enabled operations and system integration. In particular, the Group’s ability to develop seamless C2 system architectures based on international standards – from the individual rifleman up to brigade-level command posts – is essential for implementing soldier modernization programmes.

Advanced technologies make a major contribution to improving the five main capabilities of modern warfare – protection, lethality, command and control as well as mobility and sustainment. Rheinmetall’s goal is a well-protected soldier, equipped with integrated weapons, with a clear picture of the tactical situation and reliable means of communication.

Rheinmetall soldier systems improve performance in all five capability areas without overburdening the individual rifleman. The system is modular, resulting in reduced volume, weight and power consumption. This ensures greater operational flexibility and the ability to quickly adapt to new situations and mission requirements. The equipment is easy to use even under harsh conditions and in stressful combat situations when performance and low weight are paramount.

Rheinmetall’s “Future Soldier – Extended System” (Gladius) is in service with the German Army. On display at CANSEC 2015 is Rheinmetall’s Argus, currently being proposed for the Canadian Army’s Integrated Soldier System Project, another example of Rheinmetall’s flexible soldier systems solutions.

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