12 septembre 2017

The Multimission Unmanned Ground Vehicle at DSEI 2017

Rheinmetall’s robotic platform for network-enabled operations

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Unmanned systems significantly enhance the operational effectiveness of civilian law enforcement agencies and the combat performance of military units. At DSEI 2017 Rheinmetall is presenting its concept for unmanned multipurpose vehicles, the Multimisson Unmanned Ground Vehicle (MMUGV). It is capable of performing multiple roles.

Rheinmetall’s MMUGV features a modular design. It essentially consists of three components: a tried-and-tested robotic multipurpose vehicle platform; either a subsystem integrated into this vehicle platform or a system of systems in line with user specifications; and finally a command post where missions are planned, controlled, analysed and evaluated. Remote control and autonomous operations are both possible.

The basic platform weighs around 750 kg. On land, it can carry a payload of 600 kg, and 300 kg during amphibious operations. Its top speed on land is around 40 km/h and 5 km/h on water. In battery-powered mode, the vehicle can operate for a period of eight hours; equipped with a range extender, this increases to over 24 hours. In order to improve the vehicle’s off-road mobility, chains can be attached to the tyres.

Integration of various mission modules enables the vehicle to carry out a wide variety of tasks, serving as a transport vehicle or weapon carrier, for example, or as a sensor platform for reconnaissance and surveillance operations. Other potential uses include tactical overwatch, NBC detection and medevac operations. It can also serve as a mobile radio relay station. At DSEI 2017 Rheinmetall will be highlighting the concept’s versatility with a vehicle configured as a weapon carrier, equipped with the Qimek remote controlled weapon station. A sensor mission module will also be on display, as will the Group’s tried-and-tested Sensor Command and Control Planning Suite (SC2PS).

The MMUGV can also be networked to soldier systems, another capability on show at this year’s DSEI. In situations where the risks to infantry forces are especially high, unmanned systems can efficiently perform their tasks. Moreover, they enable rapid detection and engagement of threats, including in difficult terrain, e.g. in built-up zones, wooded areas or in the mountains.

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