23/12/2011: TAPV completes Canadian Forces vehicle testing

(Cet communiqué de presse n´est toutefois disponible qu'en anglais.)

Textron Systems Canada Inc. is pleased to note that its Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV) has completed the physical testing portion of the Canadian Forces TAPV competitive bid process. The Textron TAPV Team, led by Textron Systems Canada, includes Textron Marine & Land Systems and Rheinmetall Canada. Additional key Canadian suppliers include: Kongsberg Protech Systems Canada, a subcontractor to Rheinmetall Canada for the Modern Dual Remote Weapon Station.

The extensive vehicle testing took place between October and early December at the U.S. Army Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, consisting of the following major requirements: Human System Integration (including visibility, and ability to conduct missions); Effects, Blast and Ballistic Protection testing; Mobility testing (automotive testing, lane change, RMS courses, tilt, forging, gap crossing, step climbing, 60 degree incline, braking, acceleration, reverse speed, forward speed); and Design Verification testing (designed to simulate actual mission profiles). The Textron TAPV completed the five intense 24-hour DVT test cycles, exceeding the mandatory requirement.

Although official test results have not been disclosed, the Textron TAPV, during vehicle development, was constantly tested by independent third parties and teammate Textron Marine & Land Systems(TM&LS) against the Canadian Forces (CF) TAPV requirements. In the independent and TM&LS tests the Textron TAPV met or exceeded the CF requirements, before it was sent to Aberdeen for physical testing in the competitive bid process.

“The Textron TAPV is the most reliable and technologically advanced vehicle being offered to Canadian Forces. The vehicle is well tested, better protected and easily reconfigured,” said Neil Rutter, general manager of Textron Systems Canada. “It provides modern electronics, an ergonomically designed interior and significant power to go along with best-in-class speed, acceleration, ground clearance and gradient negotiation capability. The Textron TAPV delivers exceptional survivability, mobility and versatility across a broad spectrum of operations.”

Five years of research and development with the Canadian Forces, combined with Textron’s 45 years of armoured vehicle design and manufacturing experience, has produced a technology readiness level 8 TAPV that delivers outstanding performance for operations in the world’s most challenging environments.

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